5 Ways to Exchange

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Every Friday we’ll be letting you know about a few choice happenings in the Exchange! If you have an idea for something to be featured, email mcdonald@exchangedistrict.org with “Five Ways to Exchange” in the subject line. THE FOOD Kevin’s  A new ‘divine comfort food bistro’ just opened this month by the owners of Stella’s. This place will really broaden your view on mac n cheese – it’s a gourmet style version, with really interesting side dishes, wines, and a very innovative atmosphere (built in an alleyway between two buildings!). Have a peak at their menu at kevinsbistro.ca THE DRINKS  Forth Cocktail Bar Unique space…ambient atmosphere…and dangerously good cocktails. This is a place you can cozy up and spend the evening …

Exchanging Words with Generation Green

Jen McDonald Blog

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Owner: Sherry Sobey When Sherry Sobey experienced a health scare 9 years ago, she began personal journey to discover how to take care of better care of herself. After being diagnosed with a rare tumour, she decided it was time she looked more closely at what she put in, on, and around her body. After a frustratingly unproductive search for products without added chemicals, she decided to take matters into her own hands. And after learning so much about natural health she wanted to share her discoveries everyone she knew. “You know what it’s like when you learn something great or hear about something great. You just want to share it”, she says. This led to opening her store, Generation …