Welcome to the Exchange District. A National Historic Site in the heart of Winnipeg that is home to restaurants, boutiques, theatres, galleries, museums and so much more.

COVID-19 Updates

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, The Exchange District BIZ continues to operate. And although our offices are physically closed to the public, we are still here to serve you.


Sweating Outside with Community Gym

Amie Seier, owner of Community Gym is brimming with ideas to keep folks moving through a pandemic. When businesses were…

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Stephen Juba Park

By Naturalist Dr. Heather Hinam So, it’s been a strange year so far. Isolated and for the most part, confined…

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The City’s History is Written on our Streets and Buildings

“Winnipeg’s Original Downtown” has seen boom and bust, adapted and innovated through times of change. We will persist.

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Probe Research’s Curious Minds

Who: (L-R) Scott MacKay, President and Founder; Mary Agnes Welch, Principal; Curtis Brown, Principal Where: 603 – 191 Lombard Staff:…

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