Hot Beverage Week

Hot Beverage Week

December 6th to December 13th


Hot Beverage Week in the Exchange is your chance to taste the best hot bevies the bartenders and baristas in the Exchange District can dream up — for one week only!

These tasty signature drinks can be sipped and savoured at one of our cozy participating Exchange District pubs, bars, restaurants, or cafes. All YOU have to do is come in from the cold, enjoy the comfort of one of these exclusive beverages then vote for your favourite one! Check out the full list below!


These caffeinated hot beverages will warm you up for a big day of exploring and holiday shopping in the exchange!


These beverages may contain alcohol; a nice treat and a little breather from the seasonal hustle and bustle.

Acorn Café at Generation Green: Blue Christmas

Get through the stress of the holidays and take a much deserved break! We blended Blue Majik — a spirulina extract packed with nutrients — and Reishi mushroom — to boost your immune system and reduce stress and fatigue — and topped it with coconut whip, edible glitter, and a candy cane. It’s like drinking a peppermint cloud!

Check out Acorn Café.

Amsterdam Tea Room: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Steamed milk mixed with Famous Grouse Scotch, whisky-soaked dates, and notes of burnt caramel, finished with a sprinkle of Maldon salt. Dessert anyone?

Check out Amsterdam Tea Room.

Across The Board Games Café: Prairie Orchard

The perfect blend of steamed apple cider, chai tea, and a kick of spiced rum, finished with notes of cinnamon syrup and bitters. It’ll leave you feeling warm and cozy inside.

Check out Across The Board.

Blufish: Not Your Aunt’s Hot Toddy

A hot cup of jasmine tea blended with Iwai Japanese whiskey and butterscotch liquor, dashes of bitters and lemon juice and the sweetness of honey. Topped with cinnamon and a full lemon wheel.

Check out Blufish.

Bronuts: Bah Humbug

A rich blend of dark chocolate and cinnamon mocha, topped with heavenly whipped cream and finished with a brûlée doughnut hole. Ebenezer Scrooge-approved.

Check out Bronuts.

Forth Bar: Hot Commodity

Our house-made hot chocolate (featuring a kick of cayenne and chilli powder!) with a perfect balance of Montelobos Mezcal and Licor 43, a pinch of salt, and a hint of orange zest. 

Check out Forth.

Forth Café: Honey Bourbon Latté

We took the classic latte to the next level, mixing espresso and steamed milk with our house-made blend of honey, bourbon, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Joe and Lily: Honey Ginger Green Tea Latté

The Honey Ginger Green Tea Latte is the cure for what ails ya. Organic green tea is blended with our homemade ginger-infused honey and topped with frothed milk (dairy, almond or oat available) and a Tall Grass Prairie lemon cookie.

Check out Joe and Lily.

Nonsuch Brewery: Smoked Apple Old Ale X

Our Old Ale X you already love, perfectly balanced with flavours of smoked apples and notes of ginger, cinnamon, and sugar.

Check out Nonsuch.

Parlour Coffee: Dr Parlour

We’ve blended steamed milk, espresso, and our own “Dr Pepper” syrup to bring you our take on the Dr Pepper Latté. All 23 flavours of Dr Pepper not included.

Check out Parlour.

Patent 5: Patent 5 Irish Coffee

A perfect blend of coffee, Patent 5 vodka, and our house allspice syrup, finished with a smooth semi-whipped cream.

Check out Patent 5.

Peasant Cookery: Mulled Wine

Our take on a Christmas classic, a red wine perfectly paired with mulled spices and citrus notes.

Check out Peasant Cookery.

Happy sipping! Don’t forget to vote for your favourites and check back to see the winner!