The Cube Stage and Old Market Square

Old Market Square is an urban park set in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District.


During the summer months, it transforms into a cultural hub for the entire city.

Old Market Square is undeniably  significant to the health and vitality of the Exchange District.

During its redevelopment in 2012, Old Market Square became home to a brand new state-of-the-art open-air performance stage known as “the Cube”. Set against the backdrop of historic warehouses, the award-winning Cube is an interactive art fixture which acts as a concert venue or sculptural object.

The Cube and Old Market Square play host to Winnipeg’s most popular festivals including the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, the Soca Reggae Festival and the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) Festival.

5468796 Architecture in Winnipeg designed the Cube. The membrane is composed of 20,000 identical hollow aluminum pieces strung together on aircraft cables.

The orientation of the pieces alternates, forming a malleable and shimmering curtain that can stand like a wall, be pulled in to reveal the performance space, or function as a light-refracting surface.